Several wrestling fans on social media have pointed out that Living Colour is now following AEW on both Twitter and Instagram.

While this doesn’t necessarily confirm anything, it could be another sign that CM Punk is bound for AEW.

Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” was Punk’s entrance theme song in both WWE and UFC.

It’s no secret that AEW Chairman Tony Khan has been willing to spend money to acquire the rights of popular songs for his performers.

Furthermore, Punk also started following AEW on Twitter recently.

As reported earlier, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega commented on Punk possibly joining AEW while appearing on Friday’s episode of The Wrestling Observer Radio.

“CM Punk, a guy who probably has a different line of thinking then your current day performer, your average performer,” Omega said. “And he has this incredible reputation, and he has fans to this day who would follow him to the ends of the earth. A very dedicated fanbase. And that fanbase believes he’s the best in the world and will be the best until the end of time.

“If you’re able to have people like that who follow your career so passionately, you probably have something very special about you. It just goes to show you that the way he presented himself, the way he spoke about himself, the way he spoke to his opponents, how he performed in the ring, entrance music, his image. He was always very meticulous and he was very intelligent about how he went about it.”

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