Cameron Grimes Reacts To Becoming LA Knight’s Butler On WWE NXT

Cameron Grimes failed to capture the Million Dollar Championship from LA Knight on this week's WWE NXT Great American Bash. As per stipulation, Grimes will now serve as Knight's butler on NXT programming.


Grimes broke his silence via Instagram by posting a photoshopped picture of him dressed as a butler. He wrote the following caption:

Million dollar Butler...

Meanwhile, Knight addressed his victory in a backstage interview and revealed the tasks he plans to give Grimes.

"I'm the Million Dollar mega star and now I have help. I got my own help," Knight said. "The clause in the contract says that I have to give him a day to gather his stuff before he can come over [to my house] to do stuff for me.

"Well, Cameron, I hope you got your plunger, toilet brush and all the plumbing gear you need, because I got some toilets for you to clean. I got some cars for you to clean and some meals for you to cook for me. I got an expensive chef but now I have free help, and I love it."


Knight defeated Grimes with his BFT snapmare driver. The match received a lot of praise on social media. As seen below, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels had high praise for one particular spot.