Tonight on Impact Wrestling, the Impact World Champion Kenny Omega returned to the Impact Zone and took part in a contract signing for his scheduled bout against Sami Callihan at Slammiversary next Saturday. Well, as many know, in this sport, a contract signing never goes as planned.

Earlier in tonight’s program, Don Callis had Callihan arrested after alleging that Callihan viciously assaulted him during their one-on-one conversation. Callis even asked the production team to show a clip of this said incident, which they did. In the footage, Callis tries to plead with Callihan. Callihan drops his baseball bat and lands a lethal right hand on Callis.

Callihan was then arrested and escorted out of the building with handcuffs on, which caused a dilemma of whether or not he would be out in time for his scheduled match next Saturday. The current Executive Vice President of Impact, Scott D’Amore, said the show must go on and asked for Omega to come out and sign his half of the contract.

Towards the end of the show, Omega did just that after looking over the contract a few times. As things seemed to be settling down, chaos then reemerged when the clip shown from earlier resurfaced up on the screen. But this time, the clip showed a different version. In this clip, John E. Bravo, dressed as Callihan, sucker punches Callis. After the “alleged punch,” Callis, Bravo and Johnny Swinger, who was filming the whole thing, all had a good laugh once the main scene was shot.

Callis nor Omega had little time to think before Callihan appeared in the ring and landed a wicked swing towards Omega with his baseball bat. Omega gained some offense and mocked “The Draw” by hoisting him up in his package piledriver finisher and gesturing the “thumbs up, thumbs down” signal he always gives before ending the match. Callihan turned it around with that said package piledriver and sent Omega crashing onto the mat. Callihan then reached over, signed the contract, and just for good measure, threw Omega right through the table, completely annihilating the world champion.

Will the “Best Bout Machine” find a way to outlast and retain against the wild and untamed “Death Machine” at Slammiversary, or will Callihan become the hero Impact needs and bring home the title? We’ll find out next Saturday!