Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin worked as a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center back in July of 2019. This was the first time the veteran pro wrestler made any kind of appearance with WWE.

Sabin spoke with Alistair McGeorge of Metro about his experience at the WWE PC, and how WWE never ended up reaching out to him afterwards.

”The only thing I’ve ever done with them — never had a try out match, never had anything,” Sabin began. “The summer of 2019, I was there for a guest coach for their Performance Center. I was there for a week, got to go down and see the facility, see how everything works. It was an amazing, super cool experience. They didn’t offer me anything, they didn’t say, ‘Keep in touch’ or whatever. So, I ended up just going back with Impact Wrestling, that’s just the way things work out.”

Sabin then talked about how at one point in his career the goal was to make it to WWE, but over time he realized he could achieve his dreams in other promotions.

“I feel like the reason I wanted to go to WWE is because I saw that positive affect that you can have on professional wrestling fans’ lives, be a force for good in the world, be a force for some positive energy, escape, whatever it is,” Sabin said. “You don’t need the WWE to do that. From when I first started, I kinda had it imprinted in my mind that, ‘Hey man, you might not make it there. But I love wrestling and I’m gonna pursue it and if I do make it there, then that’s cool.’ So fast forward 21 years later, here I am.”

In regards to working for WWE in the future, Sabin seems to be happy wherever his wrestling career ends up going.

“I’m not for it, I’m not against it,” Sabin stated. “If it doesn’t ever happen, I’m not gonna feel like a failure or that I didn’t accomplish my dreams or anything like that.”

Sabin is scheduled to wrestle Moose at Impact Slammiversary on July 17 in Nashville, Tennessee.