Josh Barnett Responds To Jake Hager Taking Shot At Him Over Steroids

AEW star and Bellator competitor Jake Hager took to Twitter today to emphasize his desire to step in the octagon with heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko.

Hager expressed his displeasure at not being approached as a potential next opponent for Emelianenko, noting he has "a bigger following" and "more excitement" than the rest of Bellator's roster. The former WWE United States Champion says a bout with Emelianenko has "been [his] fight since [he] came to Bellator," but not everyone agrees.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current promoter of GCW's Bloodsport Josh Barnett responded to Hager's wishes, telling the Inner Circle's big man to "stick to AEW."

"No, it's not [your fight]," Barnett said. "Having more followers doesn't mean anything in terms of merit or skill in the ring. You're a green boy who fights rookies. You don't even belong in the conversation. Stick to AEW and getting in a few fights before you eventually lose and then quit."

Hager answered Barnett's comments by referencing Barnett's past repeated banned substance violations, which led him to being stripped of the UFC Heavyweight Title in 2002.

"I'll put a–es in the seats while you put needles in your a–," Hager said. "Pass a drug test boy and watch me get this fight."

Barnett doubled down on his doubt of Hager's ability to give Emelianenko a real challenge.

"What's the point of Fedor beating up a three fight scrub?" Barnett said. "I suggest you start putting needles in your a– so that you might show some real talent in the cage. May even give you enough fortitude to not b—h out from a nut shot while you're wearing a cup."

You can see the full exchange below: