Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash had an interesting response to a tweet on Wednesday night.

In response to a question posed on Twitter – if CM Punk joining AEW would kill the “CM Punk” chants in WWE, Nash wrote:

Who cares?

Nash had a brief feud with Punk in 2011, appearing at SummerSlam to attack Punk, allowing Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. The following night on RAW, Nash claimed Triple H had instructed him to attack the winner of the Punk vs. John Cena match. This was followed by Punk verbally berating Nash on the microphone.

A few years ago, Nash revealed on Sean Waltman’s podcast that he wanted to confront Punk backstage after the promo where Punk famously said: “Click is the noise the audience’s remote control makes every time Kevin Nash pops up on their TV screen.”

Nash told Waltman, “I’m reading the script and in the script he [Punk] is burying me and I have no rebuttal. So he comes out the next Monday and cuts this promo, laugh out loud that he heard I was dead, click, click, click your knees.

“Then I thought to myself, ‘let me get this straight, I cost you the title, and you are going to do stand-up comedy and bury me because I’m old?'”

Nash said he was hoping for an apology from Punk.

“I am old, so you have two options; either you go in the back—I’ll give you three, you go in the back and call it a day, second, you wait for me to get up there and apologize to me, or third, off script let’s see what you got.

“I would have loved to have seen what he would have done if I just went up and bear clawed him right to the face; but Paul [Triple H] was the boss.”

In another interview, Nash revealed he was supposed to face Punk at Night of Champions but wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle. Punk faced Triple H instead and lost in a No DQ Match.

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