Nick Gage Apologizes For Offending Domino's & Cutting Chris Jericho On AEW Dynamite

GCW star Nick Gage took to Twitter this afternoon and apologized to Domino's Pizza for the pizza cutter stunt on Wednesday's Fight for the Fallen edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

As noted, Dynamite featured Gage using a pizza cutter on Chris Jericho during their No DQ main event, right before a Domino's commercial aired as a picture-in-picture ad, showing a pizza being sliced by a pizza cutter. Domino's issued a statement disavowing the ad on Thursday. It was noted that they had no prior knowledge of the promotion, and that they may pull all advertising from AEW programming. You can click here for that report with the statement from Domino's.

In an update, Gage issued a statement on Twitter today to respond to a TMZ article on the match, and said "my bad" for trying to scalp Jericho with the pizza cutter. The Deathmatch wrestler also apologized to Domino's and said he didn't mean to offend them in being too ultra-violent for TV. The leader of the MDK gang also invited his new fans to come check him out in Game Changer Wrestling.

"i tried to cut jerichos scalp off my bad TMZ it is what it is but yeah thanks aew and thanks all MDK gang members we showed em whats up and also sorry dominos didnt mean to offend you guess im too ultraviolent for tv oh well all my new fans come see me at GCW its MDK all fn day," Gage wrote in his first tweet since the match.

You can click here for our story on the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer brand reacting to the AEW – Domino's debacle, and how they took AEW's side.

Stay tuned for more. You can see Gage's tweet below, along with video of Wednesday's spot: