The stakes have been raised for AEW’s Elite General Manager mobile game.  In a tweet released yesterday, AEW games revealed that the first ever AEW Elite GM Invitational Tournament will begin today, with some huge spoils for the victory.

“The AEW Elite GM Invitational Tournament kicks off tomorrow!” AEW Games tweeted. “16 GMs will go head-to-head until one is left standing. The winner will receive the Elite GM Championship Belt and get to book their own AEW Dream Match. It’s going down July 21st on the AEW Games YouTube Channel!”

The announcement was followed up this morning by a tweet from belt designer Belts By Dan unveiling the official AEW Elite GM Title, which you can see below. The belt features the traditional gold centerpiece with a light blue strap.

Another announcement revealed that the field will consist of popular video gamers and AEW superstars. The Bunny, Excalibur, Evil Uno, Leva Bates, Brandon Cutler, Chuck Taylor, Nyla Rose and Orange Cassidy will participate, though none are matched up against each other in the first round.

AEW Elite General Manager launched a week ago for free on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App store, where it’s received a fan score of 3.1 and 4.1 out of five respectively. As announced in the tweet, the tournament will take place on AEW Games’ YouTube channel later today. At this time it unclear if the winner will be able to book an AEW Dream Match on AEW programming or if it only applies to the game.

You can see both tweets below.