On tonight’s WWE RAW, Charlotte Flair said she could miss her title match against RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley at Money In the Bank due to an injury. Flair pointed to Ripley taking her down with a chop block on last week’s RAW and said she was tired of Ripley stealing her moves and underhanded tactics.

Ripley interrupted Flair’s medical update by limping to the ring, with a crutch. Flair accused Ripley of also taking her entrance. Ripley said she sees right through Flair and can play her game better. Ripley and Flair then kicked each other’s crutches away and began swinging at each other. Flair knocked Ripley’s crutch to the mat and kicked it out of the way. The segment ended with Flair taunting her rival from the ramp as Ripley talked trash.

Appearing on RAW Talk, Ripley said that the segment is more proof that she is living rent free in Flair’s head.

“It was so much fun for me, so entertaining to use Charlotte’s tricks against her,” Ripley admitted. “It also proved that I am living rent free in her head. Every day, she wakes up and thinks about me.”

When reminded that she has never defeated Charlotte in a singles match, an agitated Ripley questioned RAW Talk co-host Kevin Patrick’s credentials.

“I’m the one with the title. What have you ever done with your life?”

Looking ahead to her title defense at Money in the Bank, Ripley said she was ready to end her rivalry with Charlotte.

“I’m going to walk into Money in the Bank and beat her,” Ripley emphasized. “You saw what I did to that crutch earlier? I broke it in two pieces. Don’t mess with me.”