The Bollywood Boyz Talk Potential Matches With Young Bucks, FTR

Former WWE Superstars The Bollywood Boyz (Sunil and Samir Singh) are excited at the prospect of future matches with AEW tag teams The Young Bucks and FTR.

In a recent interview with SKWrestling, the brothers pointed to how their paths never crossed with Young Bucks over the years.


"Since we've been wrestling, we've been getting Tweets from fans [about Young Bucks] and what have you," said Samir. "Cuz we're all brothers and our paths never crossed. One of the reasons was we were in Canada and couldn't cross the border. We're excited. Whatever opportunity comes our way, we'll take it."

Sunil mentioned FTR as potential "dream opponents" due to their mutual adulation for WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart.

"They are big Bret Hart fans and guys who grew up watching Bret. And obviously everybody knows that we love Bret as much," said Sunil. "Their style would gel well with ours obviously with who we watch and who we study and our mindset of the business.

"So, outside of WWE, there's so many great tag teams both in IMPACT and on AEW right now and all around the world that we're eager and hungry to lock up with."


The Bollywood Boyz will be free to sign with another promotion in the fourth week of September. They were among the 14 WWE Superstars released by the company on June 25.