Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Backstage while a show is in progress, The Elite make a plan to take out Frankie Kazarian. They tell Brandon Cutler to go out there and take him down. Cutler gets in the ring, trips and drops his cold spray. Kazarian beats Cutler up and sprays him with cold spray. The guys just watch from the back and decide if they should go help, Doc Gallows decides to finally head out.

* Nick Jackson traveling solo, says no Brandon Cutler or Matt Jackson with him. Cut to Cutler not wanting to show up because of the Dark Order’s note from last week. Nick wonders where Matt is, cut to him just brushing his hair at home. Backstage, Nick does a video on his own with Leva Bates holding up a “#JusticeForDarkOrder” sign behind him. Nick heads to the EVP room, he finally sees Leva Bates holding a “Dark Order Ally” sign. She says he misses Alex (and the Dark Order). Nick rips the sign and goes to his private room.

* The Wingmen hanging out, Peter Avalon says he’s ready to move on and has a crush — the lady in red. They think it’s Red Velvet, nope, KiLynn King, nope, — it’s Abadon. He asks if they can talk to her for them. They go over and talk, but Abadon just stares and pukes up some green liquid.

* BTE Championship: Marko Stunt defends the title against Luchasaurus. They are going to do a handstand competition. Stunt retains.

* Arthur and Trevor talk with Christian Cage (who has shades on). Trevor talks about wanting to do a steel cage, Arthur says he was talking about Christian Cage. They joke about so many Cage’s being in AEW and babble on. Christian hasn’t said a word. The two guys leave. Cage had his eyes closed and headphones in the whole time.

* Backstage, Kenny Omega is looking to take off his facial hair, and tries to use the cold spray. “Jim Ross” informs him he needs to get out to the ring and doesn’t have time to ditch the facial hair. Omega yells for Don Callis, “Hey, Don! We gotta go, buddy. You gotta talk for me, I can’t cut a promo. I dunno how! Don!”

* Ryan Nemeth digs through a fire pit to find a bottle of cream. He’s out in the middle of nowhere and drinks some of it. Nemeth chants some words and puts the cream back down. It disappears and a smaller jar with someone else in it appears. He takes it and continues walking. Nemeth climbs up a cliff and offers the tiny jar, which then changes back to cream. He freaks out and says “it was cream mountain all along.” He drinks more of it and we see a bunch of flashback scenes from the past couple weeks.

* Cutler looks at a video the Dark Order sent him. We see someone in the bathroom washing blood of their hands. The camera pans up and takes off their Dark Order mask — it’s Cutler. This is a callback to an episode from 2019. He throws the mask in the trash. At home, Cutler is freaking out and reads the e-mail “Put us back on BTE, or we show this.” They send him a bit, and he decides to put it on, hoping Matt and Nick won’t notice. “Oh, it’s four minutes! Come on, guys!” Cutler yells.

* Evil Uno and Stu Grayson tell Cutler putting them on is good for him, for them, and for BTE! Plus, nobody will see that video. The two banter with 10, Silver, and Reynolds. They talk about this week’s 10-man elimination tag match with Hangman Page. If they win, Page gets a title shot, and Silver/Reynolds get a tag title shot! Uno and Grayson disagree with that second part. Grayson says they get the title shot or he’ll kill Silver. Page shows up and tells them all to chill out, they have to focus on next week’s big match. Dark Order say they have a gift for Page, we don’t really get to see it, but Page says it’s perfect. He says he might change up the colors, but he likes it. Seems like it’s ring gear. Page says he would save it for Omega, but he thinks it’s better to use it sooner than later. Group hug to end the scene.