What Happened After WWE SmackDown Went Off The Air?

Tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown ended with Seth Rollins sitting atop a ladder hoisting the Money in the Bank briefcase.

After the show went off the air, Rollins grabbed a microphone and addressed the crowd at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. Rollins said he would soon become "the future and forever Mr. Money in the Bank" by winning the briefcase for the second time in his career this Sunday.

Kevin Owens then asked Rollins to come down the ladder so they can shake hands. After Rollins refused, a bunch of Superstars such as Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Apollo Crews, Commander Azeez, Finn Balor, King Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro came out for an impromptu battle royal.

As seen in the video below, Big E won the match by last eliminating Crews. Big E then addressed the crowd with a promo of his own. "Each and every one of you were incredible. Thank you for your energy," Big E said.

Pat McAfee also addressed the crowd and received a lot of cheers.ย See below to watch the post-SmackDown videos: