WWE Star Gets A Name Change, Drops Accent

WWE 24/7 Champion Reginald is now going as Reggie.

During Friday's SmackDown the name change was revealed, but in a WWE Network Exclusive video, Reggie (without his French accent) further explained the change.

"Look, I'm not from France, I'm from St. Louis, Missouri," Reggie began. "I've been a fan of WWE my entire life, and I saw a posting that Carmella needed a sommelier. I thought, 'I can do that.' But she wanted me to speak French, and also speak in a French accent. I'm like, 'If I need to do this, I certainly can,' but that was never the goal. My goal was to get my foot into the door, and now, I'm the 24/7 Champion."

Reggie first signed with WWE in January of 2020. He made his main roster debut last December.

Kofi Kingston — another WWE star who once dropped his own Jamaican accent — joked about Reggie doing the same thing.

"Wait, wait, wait... you mean to tell me that @ReginaldWWE isn't French?! Deceiver! Imposter!"