Charlotte Flair Reacts To Fans Wanting Her To Face Britt Baker

One day before reclaiming her RAW Women's Title throne, "The Queen" Charlotte Flair spoke to Oral Sessions host Renee Paquette about her in-ring career with the WWE and what she would like to see occur during her time there.

In front of a live audience at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Paquette opens the conversation by asking what Flair's take is on WWE having surrounding competitors as of late like AEW, for example, and if that's bringing out a healthier and more progressive approach to WWE's booking and storytelling.

"Competition breeds competition. If there's no one out there to go up against, it's kind of like, what are we fighting for," Charlotte Flair noted on how important it is for WWE to have an opposition with other companies. "No, you want to fight to be number one. So, to me, the better they do, the better we do. The better we do, the better they do.

"No one should want anyone to fail. No one should talk down [to each other]. I mean, every company is different. To me, I'm going to say we are the best women's division, and there's only one Queen in wrestling. So, I challenge anybody else in the world; if you think you're better, try me!"

With that said, Paquette then asked Flair if there's anyone outside of WWE she would like to see and square up within WWE. The audience answered that for her with a resounding, "D-M-D," an homage to AEW Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker. Giving the fans a few seconds to extend their chant, Charlotte replied, "The people have spoken!"

As one of the top-ranked female wrestlers in the world, Flair spoke out about what she would like to see happen for the women's division in WWE. For her, it's to see more firey storylines that involve main event matches both on their weekly programming and in their well-renowned pay-per-views.

"When we came back from Covid, and we had audiences at RAW, my storyline and the ladies main evented Raw four weeks in a row. So, I don't think that we get the opportunity [only] when there are those fire storylines is when people are engaged," Flair mentioned. "Like, if the storyline is not there, or pushing the envelope with that, there are multiple storylines with the women on Raw. There's multiple stories going on, but sometimes, some stories mean more. I believe the best story should be the center focus of the main event. Unless you find that story, it is what it is."

Flair also discussed some of her goals are outside of WWE and if she has a bucket list of things she'd like to pursue.

"I really want to be a supervillain in a big movie," Flair stated on goals she has outside of WWE. "For so long, I was so dedicated to my in the ring persona. But now, I'm like, ok, what can I do? Both? That's what I'm trying to figure out now; I'm like, what's it look like in three years?

"I will say this: I do love producing. I like to put together matches and helping the girls. Like, I don't necessarily know all of the moves in the world, but I love helping girls with presentations and, like, the little things do matter."

Now a sixth-time RAW Women's Champion and racking in a total of 15- title reigns (if you include her two NXT Women's title runs), the big question on everyone's minds is: Does she want to surpass her father Ric Flair's historic 16-time world title legacy?

"I think I want to. I don't know because I don't know what it means," Flair conflicted. "If I surpass, like, are they going to say Charlotte's Dad [Ric Flair]? Yes, I'm going to be the 16-time champion one day. Seventeen times. [John] Cena better not beat me before!"

You can listen to Charlotte Flair's full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Oral Sessions w/Renée Paquette with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.