Damian Priest Talks Taking Time Off From WWE After Zombies Match, His Travel Partner

New WWE U.S. Champion Damian Priest sat down for a Wrestling Inc. exclusive interview with comedian Brian Wohl. During the interview Damien Priest revealed why he decided to take a brief hiatus after feuding with both John Morrison and the Miz. The feud would ultimately culminate in a Zombies Lumberjack Match at WWE WrestleMania Backlash. The match also infamously drew the ire of fans and ridicule of the mainstream media.


Priest revealed that it was just a matter of finding something to do that was worth his while. He noted that everyone of interest was already feuding with someone, and that it was better to wait for a better opportunity.

"Well, training is always a part of [taking time off]," stated Priest. "Then it was a matter of 'What's next?' You know, I have had these moments. I had WrestleMania, I had WrestleMania Backlash, what now? What's next?

"And everyone I could've been laser focused on was involved with someone. So, it was kind of a stand back and see what bullseye I'm going to aim at, so to speak. So, it was more so that. It was more waiting and biding my time to see where I get a big increase, to see how I can get my next moment. And here we are."


Throughout the interview Priest also discussed having to make the adjustment to getting back on the road, as the WWE has been touring for about four weeks now. He says it is difficult to get used to after such a long layoff, but that he is managing.

"It's definitely an adjustment," Priest quickly noted. "Because when the pandemic happened that was an adjustment. Even in NXT we had to do the closed set, it was different. Because now we have to work differently because we have to get into the motions. And now we're back and up and traveling, number one. I forgot how to do this. I don't know how to pack, I don't know how to do anything. And then it was like, I just had my first meal yesterday because I forgot how to eat when I'm out and about. So there is a lot of adjustment."

Priest also raved about how excited he is to have fans back. He admits that you don't know what you have until it's gone, and that the fans are such a significant part of the show. He also states he is excited to have his title match in front of so many people tomorrow and that he can not wait to feed off their excitement.

"But then also, there's also adjusting to people now," explains Priest. "You can see it, there's no faking that. You can see it in my entrance, my face, the way I react and start jumping up and down. It's exciting. If feed off of that emotion. And I love it, and I want to give it back to them.


"You know, the fans are very much a part of our show. We always say it, of course, the fans are a part of the show and everything. But it's definitely a case of you don't know what you have until you lose it. And we missed this so much. At least I know I did. And I'm stoked in front of this many people tomorrow I have the opportunity and I can feed off the emotion of all these people and see their excitement. I love that so much."

Wohl also asked Priest if he had a favorite buddy to travel with while on the road. Priest quickly noted a surprising and much discussed person.

"I have a few," shared Priest. "Usually, it's Riddle. He's my go to guy. But, Riddle, definitely, usually as a tag team, and it's cool. We've been around each other so many years, from the indies to NXT. I like to think of myself who can get along with everybody. But you always have your little buddies."

Priest was later asked if he has anything secret that he has not let the audience see yet. He revealed that he indeed has some hidden tricks left up his sleeve, and that he has a diverse and unique wrestling style.

"You know, I like to think of myself as a hybrid," said Priest. "Where I take things or inspiration from different things fighters, wrestlers, in any genre in the world. And just taking different things for me. I make myself better. So, I'm always looking to be better, I'm always looking for something to do. So, have you seen everything? Absolutely not. I'm still working on something new, every single day I try to create something new or get a new idea. I'm trying to surprise somebody or wow people. So, no, you're not even close to seeing everything that Damian Priest can do."


You can check out the full interview below: