On a today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with former ECW TV and Tag Team Champion Gary Wolfe. During their discussion Hausman asked Wolfe what he thinks of the AEW product.

“I like some of it. I like how they’re using a lot of different talent from everywhere,” Wolfe said. “They’re giving a lot of people chances, that’s something that me and my partner had back in the day. It’s actually good for the guys today because we used to work against The Wild Samoans all the time. We were kids, and they opened the big doors for us, Bob Orton, Jimmy Snuka, a lot of them guys. ECW, I think we would still be running today, honestly.

“I like AEW. I think AEW’s doing well. I would love to get a job there just working in the office, helping the guys out, setting up their matches. I talk to Jerry Lynn a lot. I’m getting to the age where I’m 54. Chris Jericho is f*cking cool as sh*t, bro. I used to go to Japan with him. I used to work with him and in ECW, even Anthony was tight with Jericho. Chris, Benoit, and Eddie [Guerrero] and Dean [Malenko], we were all in this one group. We all were the short Americans that would end up in Japan, and that’s how it was. I like AEW. I would love to go work for them. It’d be a pleasure.”

Jerry Lynn is currently a coach at AEW, and the ECW Originals recently had a reunion backstage at Rampage. Wolfe revealed whether or not he has had the chance to chat with noted ECW fan and AEW President Tony Khan.

“I never talked to him,” Wolfe admitted. “I ran into Jerry Lynn about maybe seven, eight months ago. I was talking to him. I gave him a call, but I don’t know Khan. I would really like to meet him.”

As part of The Pitbulls, Wolfe has competed in his fair share of Dog Collar matches. Wolfe opened up with his thoughts on the AEW Dog Collar match between Brodie Lee and Cody Rhodes.

“Brodie’s a nice guy. I’ve met him when he was in Combat Zone because I’m from Philadelphia,” Wolfe noted. “All those guys, him and [Jon] Moxley but they had a great match. Cody’s a great worker. He knows psychology.”

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