Jade Cargill Defends Red Velvet Following AEW Dynamite Criticism

Jade Cargill has come to the defense of Red Velvet, who received some criticism from fans on social media following her match with Jamie Hayter on this week's AEW Dynamite.

During the closing stages of the match, Velvet evidently botched a standing moonsault before Hayter put her away with a huge lariat for the pin fall victory.

On Thursday, Cargill went back-and-forth with several fans and defended Velvet's in-ring skills. In one of her tweets, Cargill said "sā€“t happens" and that Velvet is a good worker.

Red was/is fine. She can work. Everybody loved her when she was killing it. Shit happens. But clearly you all don't know wrestling to not see some shit in that go round. SMH. I'm done.

Red Velvet will be seen in action during Saturday's NWA Empowerrr pay-per-view event. The AEW star will team up with KiLynn King to face The FreeBabes (Miranda Gordy, Hollyhood Haley J, Jazzy Yang) in the NWA World Women's Tag Team Titles Tournament. You can click here for the updated card for the all-women's event.

Cargill's tweet can be seen below: