After spending decades as a member of the WWE, Mark Henry made the transition to AEW in May.

Henry just made his debut on commentary for AEW on the first episode of AEW Rampage, calling Christian Cage’s big win over Kenny Omega for the IMPACT Championship. In July, the former World Heavyweight Champion revealed his final wrestling match will definitely happen in AEW.

AEW Commentator Jim Ross spoke on a recent episode of Grilling JR about Mark Henry’s impact on the AEW locker room. Ross revealed that Henry helps the young talent each and every week and also said he’s “one of the most beloved characters in the business.”

“He does a great job for AEW in talking to a lot of the young kids,” Ross said. “He sits in the group with them during the shows and points out things and lets them come and ask him questions. He’s a very valuable asset to AEW. A lot of folks may not realize it because he’s not on TV all the time, he will be in some role on Rampage. But in any event, Mark was a long term investment [during his early years with WWE]. He was a project, but you can’t replace Mark Henry. Over time he’s evolved into one of the most beloved characters in the business.”

With AEW being a two-year-old company and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic of last year, Ross spoke about their company going back on the road each and every week and how some of the young talent have never done this before. The commentator also revealed that Tony Khan has plans for a Jacksonville New Years Eve show.

“Life on the road is what it is man, it’s a part of the culture of what we do,” Ross said. “It’s interesting, we take a lot of things for granted in our life in general, but a lot of our young guys have never travelled like this. They got spoiled with all those weeks in Daily’s Place in Jacksonville so consequently they’re just getting into the flow now of various cities. As I understand it, we’re on the road every week until December. I think we might be back in Jacksonville in December somewhere towards the end of the month, so that’s always a good time because Tony Khan throws a good party [for New Years Eve].”

“That hasn’t been confirmed for Jacksonville, but it looks like it’s going in that direction. It shows that things are coming together, it shows that there’s a plan, shows that there’s some sort of symmetry during the holidays. People don’t realize that Tony Khan looks at Chicago as a second home, he’s got a home there as a matter of fact.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Grilling JR with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.