AEW World Champion Kenny Omega is correcting Twitter users once again, this time about a Ring of Honor appearance in 2010.

A Twitter user responded to one of Omega’s past corrections, claiming fans were now coming after him “ever since [Jim] Cornette started talking s–t about him.”

“They’ve been coming after him ever since Cornette started talking s–t about him years ago,” the user wrote. “Omega chose a Japan show over Cornette’s show, telling Cornette and whoever else was booking that he injured his ankle (as the story goes). Cornette has had it out for Omega ever since.”

Jim Cornette worked as an executive producer and an on-screen authority figure for Ring of Honor from 2009 until 2012. Cornette has criticized Omega and AEW numerous times in the past, even claiming it was too late for Omega to “be respected as a wrestler.”

Omega corrected the user shortly after, noting that he didn’t wrestle on the Japan booking.

“This is a great story so I’ll tell it one more time,” Omega wrote. “I’d hurt my ankle and had to take three weeks off. The appearance I left for in Japan (before said ROH show) was an awards ceremony. I won my first Tokyo Sports Best Bout award. I didn’t wrestle. Important details are always changed.”

Omega won the Tokyo Sports Best Bout Award in 2010 for his tag team match alongside Kota Ibushi against Prince Devitt (Finn Bálor) and Ryusuke Taguchi in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. This was the first of three Tokyo Sports Best Bout Awards for Omega, who would go on to collect a pair for his matches against Kazuchika Okada in 2017 and 2018. This accolade is what propelled the ‘Best Bout Machine’ nickname for Omega.

Another user criticized Omega for flying to Japan for an award show, to which the AEW World Champion responded by emphasizing the prestige of the accolade.

“Bruh, these are the most prestigious awards in wrestling,” Omega wrote. “To win while I was repping DDT, a much smaller indy company, while being a junior heavyweight… Umm, yeah, it meant a lot to me.”

You can see Omega’s tweets below: