This week, GCW World Champion Matt Cardona made a second appearance on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette. In their segment, they talked in-depth about his relationship with fellow wrestler Chelsea Green, what it’s like to work together side by side and when they plan on getting married.

In their first segment, Paquette and Cardona discussed him and his fiancé’s mixed tag team partnership. Green made her initial return to Impact at Slammiversary last month. From there, they competed in this year’s King & Queen Tournament at Homecoming. They made it to the semi-finals but lost to the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt, who would eventually win the entire tournament.

“It was cool!” Matt Cardona started off saying about teaming with his real-life fiancé Chelsea Green. “So, I had the mystery partner at Impact’s Slammiversary. And, like, c’mon? Everyone knew it was going to be here, but sometimes in wrestling, you have to give the people what they want. The swerve is great, but sometimes, give them what they want. It was fun teaming with her.

“Listen, I don’t want to have a mixed-tag team career, but I would love to have her by my side. It’s great; it makes life easier. We have totally different schedules. I don’t want to know anything about her wrestling stuff. I don’t care where she is getting booked. I don’t care what move she is trying to work on or what storyline she’s in. I don’t give a s-t. I think that’s what makes our relationship last and work: we usually keep business and pleasure separate. So, it’ll be interesting traveling together. We were in the same hotel for Impact, and I hated it!”

Leaving that last statement wide open, Paquette then asked Cardona to explain why he prefers to have a separate hotel room from Green.

“Because I have my routines. And, like, she’s getting a makeup artist to come in and do her makeup at 9 in the morning, and I’m like, no, I’ve got to get up,” Cardona answered on why he doesn’t like sharing hotel rooms with his fiancé. “[On having separate rooms] If we wanna cuddle or makeout or whatever, yeah, come to my room, babe. But there’s no reason to be in the same room. I have my routine: I lay out all of my clothes, my supplements. She’s big on housekeeping. Like, I don’t want them coming in. I don’t care if it’s messy. I don’t need the bed to be made. I don’t need any towels. I don’t want anyone in my room. Just get ’em outta here.”

Going back to their initial topic about mixed tag teams, Cardona revealed he was the one that pitched the tag team match against his former ex-girlfriend Tenille Dashwood and Brian Myers at Slammiversary. He was surprised everyone worked so well together on this project.

“It was fine. It was actually my idea to do this mixed tag,” Cardona revealed. “I wasn’t sure if everyone would go for it, and everyone did, and it ended up being really, really fun. We were all super professional about it.”

With Green and Cardona being former guests on her talk show, Paquette can see why people think they are the perfect pair. Cardona couldn’t agree more.

“I think so, too,” Cardona acknowledged. “We clicked right off the bat…well, not at first. She tried to [make excuses] like, ‘Oh, I’m sick. I can’t go on this date.’ Trying to get out of things. Eventually, I said, ‘Are we going on this date or not?’ We went on one and didn’t see each other for about a month. We would text every day, and after date number two, she was hooked.

“I didn’t want to date a wrestler. I told myself forever I’m not going to date anyone in the business. I finally did, and it didn’t work out. Then, after I was like, I’m definitely not dating [another] wrestler in the business. So, that was why I was very hesitant hanging out with her, but I wasn’t taking it seriously. And then, you know, a couple of weeks go by, and her toothbrush is there. Then, she left her shirt there. Now, we have three cats, two dogs and we’re getting married, so it all worked out.

Paquette then followed up by asking when Cardona and Green were officially tying the knot. Originally, they were supposed to get married on New Year’s Eve last year. Because of the pandemic, that didn’t go as planned. Now, they hope to do it again on New Year’s this year in Las Vegas.

“We were supposed to get married last New Year’s Eve, but with the pandemic and everything, we had to cancel it. So, the plan is to do it this year on New Year’s Eve [in] Las Vegas,” Cardona announced.

Concluding their discussion on Green, Cardona told a story of how WWE wanted to use his pool to film Otis-Mandy Rose’s skits during their on-screen pairing. In Cardona’s eyes, what makes the situation infuriating is that they had to ask Green for permission – since she was still signed to the company, at the time. Cardona thought it was pretty lousy for them to think they could use his pool after they just got done releasing him on “Black Wednesday” last April.

“Chelsea still worked in WWE, and they were doing something with Otis and Mandy Rose, and they needed a pool. So, they asked Chelsea if they could use our pool,” Cardona recalled. “Then, Chelsea asked me, and I said, ‘Absolutely, f–king not!’ I don’t know how she relayed the message, but I was pretty damn pissed. I’m like, you’re telling me you don’t know anyone in Orlando who has a pool? Obviously, they did. They found somebody.”

You can listen to Matt Cardona’s full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Oral Sessions w/Renée Paquette with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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