Chris Jericho defeated Wardlow as part of the 5 Labours of Jericho: Chapter 4 on tonight’s AEW Dynamite. MJF was at ringside for the match, but wasn’t able to help his Pinnacle stablemate beat Jericho.

Near the end of the match, MJF tried to give Wardlow his Dynamite Diamond Ring, but the ref caught MJF and sent him to the back. As the referee was focused on MJF, Jericho used his baseball bat and then judas effect to put Wardlow down.

Afterwards, MJF revealed the final task for Jericho will take place on next Wednesday’s show. It will be MJF vs. Jericho, but Jericho isn’t allowed to use judas effect in the match. If he does, MJF automatically wins. MJF also said Jericho can’t come down to the ring to his usual “Judas” theme song.

Jericho has defeated Shawn Spears, Nick Gage, Juventud Guerrera, and Wardlow to get to MJF.

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Below are highlights from the match: