MLW officials say they are keeping a close eye on the rise in COVID-19 cases due to the spread of the Delta variant of the virus.

MLW issued an announcement today and noted that they are monitoring the situation as they prepare to return to action in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, September 11 for the big War Chamber event.

MLW’s Dr. Sweglar said the positivity rate in Texas is highly concerning.

“In Texas the molecular positivity rate hit 18.07% on Thursday,” Sweglar said. “That’s highly concerning to me.”

MLW added that the last time the positivity index was that high was in January as the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic began to decline.

MLW officials are watching the infection and hospitalization numbers on a daily basis as they prepare for the War Chamber event in Texas.

“Ultimately our COVID Compliance Officer will sit down with us and determine what’s in the best interest of our fans, the talent, the staff, crew and community,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “This virus isn’t something you roll the dice on and hope for the best. Our policy since March of last year is to operate with an abundance of caution and that’s the plan today and every day with what’s going on with the Delta variant.”

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