Paul Heyman Says He Was "Rescued" By Roman Reigns

Yesterday, it had been one year since Paul Heyman aligned himself with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

On social media, Heyman noted that Reigns "rescued" him when the two began working together.

"EXACTLY 1 YEAR AGO, I was rescued by @wweromanreigns," Heyman wrote. "In the 52 weeks that have transpired since then, the #TribalChief has redefined the medium, disrupted the status quo and titled the axis of what it means to be THEE top superstar in @WWE...and we've only just begun!"

It's interesting Heyman says he and Reigns have "only just began" with the return of Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Heyman has long stood by Lesnar — up until his most recent hiatus from WWE. Heyman's reaction at the PPV was that of shock and worry as Lesnar looks to be targeting Reigns and his championship.

Although nothing has been officially announced, backstage reports say WWE is planning on Lesnar vs. Reigns at either Survivor Series or Crown Jewel.

Reigns did an interview earlier this month and was confident that Heyman would stand by him in a feud against Lesnar.

"His Tribal Chief, that's who," Reigns answered when asked about Heyman choosing between him and Lesnar. "That's the history, that's the past, I'm moving him forward. Island of relevancy, he won't forget that."