Sami Zayn Says He’s “Not Allowed To Talk About” His WWE Absence

Sami Zayn returned to WWE SmackDown tonight for the first time in over a month, defeating Dominik Mysterio in a singles match.

After SmackDown went off the air, Zayn spoke to Megan Morant backstage and revealed that he's "not allowed to talk about" why he was missing from WWE TV, but promised that everyone will find out the reason in due time.


"It's funny that now you suddenly have time for me," Zayn said, in character. "The last four weeks I haven't been around; you could have reached out to me? But nobody did. I didn't get a text, I didn't get a call. Nobody even thought to ask, 'where is Sami?'

"Where is one of the greatest performers of our time? Where is he these days? Nobody thought to ask. But now that I'm back, everyone is acting like they care. I'm not even allowed to talk about where I've been – but trust me, in due time, you're going to find out where I was and what I was up to. And trust me, it's going be juicy."

Zayn then implied that nepotism is the reason Dominik is featured on TV every week.

"I didn't even get asked to be on TV for the last four weeks, and yet they had time for Dominik Mysterio to go out there tonight and basically have open ring time? Why is that?


"I am a generational talent, and they didn't even ask me to come out tonight. Anytime, Dominik or his daddy want a reality check, to remind them that nobody is on my level, I'd be glad to do it."

You can watch Zayn's backstage interview below: