Samoa Joe Talks WWE NXT Continuing To Evolve For The Better

In an appearance on Busted Open Radio, NXT star Samoa Joe talked about his new role in NXT as a performer and scouting behind the scenes. Joe specifically pointed out what he brought to the table in terms of identifying key talent.

"I think really just an aptitude for understanding some of the real core principles that you find in an athlete that make you a superstar," Joe said. "Obviously we always talk about the intangibles and I think that's the biggest thing. We can go out there and find these great athletes, but to find these great athletes with these certain intangibles where people are drawn to them. I've always had a really great ability to identify that.

"And honestly? If you're one of the top wrestlers in the world then trust me, I know about you. I keep my eyes on the industry, I keep my fingers in a lot of different pots and I communicate with a lot of the guys across the industry. I'm not a guy who shows up and doesn't talk to people. I have a lot of great relationships with a lot of great people across the industry, which I'm very thankful for. Partially it's kind of the mission to find the next great superstar, but also to give a shot and get eyes on these places where there's a tremendous amount of talent. And hopefully, if there's a big enough spotlight, maybe we can bring a little bit of spotlight to it."

Joe also talked about the evolution of the NXT brand, something that has been a hot topic due to reports of NXT going through several changes. While Joe only briefly touched on those rumors, he explained why he felt NXT would continue to evolve for the better and why fans were attached to it.

"I think that evolution's only going to continue," Joe said. "NXT's always kind of been the impetus for experiment and change and doing things differently in WWE. And I think a lot of that change has reverberated down to the Smackdown and the RAW brands, and I don't think it's going to be any different in the future. It's always going to be in a state of chaotic flux, it's always going to be in a state of change, that's just by the nature of what it is.  We're finding new and brand new talent and introducing these people to the world, and in order to do that you have to keep mixing up the pot.

"It makes a lot of fans a little but uneasy at times, I'm well aware of that, but at the same time it's exciting to get on the ground floor and see somebody become a star in front of your eyes. And that's happened so many times in NXT. I've been witness to it and it's just kind of a wonderful thing. I think it's a major appeal to the WWE universe. They get to be here and see Finn Balor happen, someone like Bayley happen, someone like Sasha Banks or Charlotte happen. They're so popular in the universe now because they grew up with them here, in NXT."

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