Sarah Logan: “Wrestling Will Never Love You As Much As You Love It”

Recently on Oral Sessions, Renee Paquette chatted with former WWE star Sarah Logan [Sarah Rowe]. Following her four-year stint in WWE, Rowe was one of many who received the calamitous phone call that her time with WWE had come to an end on what many call "Black Wednesday" last year. One year later, Rowe found it appropriate to reflect on her biggest takeaways from working for one of the most prominent companies in North America.

"Wrestling will never love you as much as you love it," Sarah Rowe declared. "That's one thing I learned. Finally making it to the top, you know, I went from wrestling at state fairs and in horse stalls in Kentucky to Madison Square Garden. I think wrestling can make you happy, and it can give you bursts of happiness, but I don't think it can like fulfill you. 'Cause, it's a TV show at the end of the day. I definitely think you should let wrestling make you happy, but you've got to be careful on how it makes you feel 'cause it can be very unfulfilling.

"Even if you are on the top, [there's] no telling of how long it's going to last. If you're one of those lucky people who, no matter what you do, is solid in the company, that's awesome. But I've been everywhere. From the indies to WWE, Ring of Honor, NXT, SHINE, SHIMMER, every company that you can think of – besides TNA and AEW – I've been there. Wrestling is like a drug – it can never be enough, and you'll never stop."

Rowe then transitioned the conversation to the sisterhood she created with Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan as The Riott Squad – a two-year pairing that ended one year before her departure.

"Real things do happen, like the Riott Squad. It's real relationships and real bonding. Every big moment of each of our lives have been together; all of our big wrestling things," Rowe noted. "Even if I didn't like them, we're bonded forever because we shared those experiences. Now, Dori [fka Ruby Riott] lives 10 minutes from me. I convinced her to move here, and she's Cash's god mom. I've known her since before WWE. Me and her used to be joined at the hip because we lived within three hours from each other. So, every show on the indies, she was just there.

"The Riott Squad was definitely something I'll treasure forever. But in wrestling fashion, that got taken away from us in a day."

Paquette recalled the day all three members of the Riott Squad found out about their upcoming disbandment. Paquette said it took place in Montreal and the backstage reactions were devastating. Rowe mentioned it was a bizarre day for her. Not only was she hurting for herself and her team that day, but she also had to put on a brave face because her husband Erik [of The Viking Raiders] was making his debut on RAW that same night.

"It was such a weird day for me that day. I'm devastated that the Riott Squad is breaking up, and my husband is debuting on RAW. I was like, 'yay, ugh, yay,' Rowe remembered.

Luckily for her family, Erik remained a constant showcase on the main roster. Although he isn't on TV as often, Rowe is grateful to WWE for giving her husband a chance to shine and to prove why he deserves to be a talked-about prospect in the tag team division, something he's been working decades to achieve.

"I'm mostly thankful that he's still there. He's why we're able to have the things we have now, " Rowe expressed towards WWE for keeping and showcasing her husband on their weekly programming. "Like, I've never in my life let someone take care of me, but he's doing a tremendous job of it.

"To be honest, it's hard for me to watch WWE television because, you know, it's an unclosed chapter in my life, in my opinion. But I'll watch RAW just so we can watch his matches. Me and Ray were together before WWE. I know his struggle. I know what obstacles he had to overcome to get to eat at that table. I'm thankful that he's there for our sake, and I love that he's there for his sake. I don't want him to ever, you know, not work there if that's what he wants to do."

You can listen to Sarah Rowe's full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Oral Sessions w/Renée Paquette with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.