AEW and NWA star Serena Deeb is getting close to being cleared for her in-ring return.

Deeb announced in late July that she was dealing with a knee injury. She tried to fight through the pain, but was forced to take time off and heal up. This came after Deeb was briefly out of action in March due to issues with her left knee.

In an update, the veteran pro wrestler took to Twitter today and provided an update on her recovery. Deeb started the video in a wheelchair, but then stood up and revealed that she’s getting closer to being cleared as she no longer needs the wheelchair or knee brace.

“I’m already able to walk. In fact, I don’t even need my knee brace anymore, which means that I am one step closer to being cleared,” Deeb said.

Deeb then cut a promo on how she’s seen a lot of entitlement in pro wrestling as of late, while also seeing a lack of courtesy and respect. She noted how she’s sacrificed to make it in the business, recalling how she had her head shaved on WWE TV years ago while with CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society.

“You know, I see a lot of self-entitlement in today’s day and age,” Deeb said. “But my question is, where is the courtesy? Where is the etiquette, the respect that this business was founded on? Where’s the passion, the dedication? Do you know what I had to do to get my break in pro wrestling? I had to shave my had on national television. Show me a woman today that would do the same thing for this business. There ain’t one, none of them are Serena Deeb.

“I’ve dedicated my entire life to professional wrestling. Do you know how long it took me to learn 1000 holds? A very, very long time. I have put in my hours, I have paid my dues. If there were a PHD in pro wrestling, you better believe that I would have it by now. So, when I return, it doesn’t matter who they throw in front of me, whether it’s a Bunny, a beast, an alien, or a doctor, they will all see that there is only one Professor of Professional Wrestling. I am Serena Deeb, the woman of a thousand holds!”

Deeb has not wrestled since the July 19 edition of AEW “Dark: Elevation” when she teamed with Tay Conti for a win over Jazmin Allure and VertVixen.

Stay tuned for more on Deeb’s status. You can see her new Twitter video below:

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