Sheamus Reveals The Match He Wanted At WWE WrestleMania 37

Former WWE United States Champion Sheamus recently took part in a Wrestling Inc. exclusive interview with comedian Brian Wohl, where he discussed a variety of topics.

During the interview Sheamus discussed whether he plans on getting back to his workout and fitness YouTube channel. He says that he would like to get back to doing it, but mentioned he has other things that are higher on his priority list.


"I'd like to get that back on track, absolutely," said Sheamus. "It's kind of on the back burner at the moment. Especially during the pandemic, it wasn't happening. Starting out I did many of them on the road. But it's something I haven't completely given up on. And I want to try and get it back to where it was."

Sheamus went on to say that his favorite part about his YouTube videos is when people comment how the videos inspired them to change their lives.

"The greatest thing about all that is watching comments from people talking about how their lives have changed," shares Sheamus. "How they didn't know where to start training. And seeing their favorite WWE superstar, they found one, then they watched another and they work out at home. It just gets the ball rolling and to get back in shape."


Sheamus also said he enjoys trying wrestler's workouts because they all present their own unique challenges. Doing other people's workouts has also helped him learn about better ways to train. He said that he finds training one way for the rest of his life to be boring, and that he welcomes the challenge.

Sheamus later spoke about how prideful he is of his career. He says that he has won a lot and is proud of each title. He then went on to say that he focuses on the present in his pursuit of continued success.

"I'm proud of every title I've won in the WWE," stated Sheamus. "Obviously, the only one I haven't gotten my hands on is the Intercontinental Championship to have all of them. Of course, I haven't won the Grand Slam. I've pretty much won everything else.

"But yeah, I really feel like I've won a lot. But I'm never really concerned about the past, I'm always concerned about the present, where I'm at now. It's easy to sit back and go, 'Oh, I did all of this stuff and all this.' For me, what keeps me hungry is that I have the mindset where I've never won anything. [Like] I've never accomplished anything."

During the interview Wohl asks Sheamus whether he believes wrestlers change their demeanor when getting in the ring with the four-time World Champion. He confirmed that he believes wrestlers change their attitude when they wrestle him, and shared his thoughts on why.


"You know, I think they do, mate," smiled Sheamus. "I think they know they're in for a fight and that they better bring it. That's my whole deal. I try to bring something out of my opponents that hasn't been seen before. They know they have to fight. Ask any of them I've been in the ring with. I hit as hard as I can, and I expect them to hit hard back.

"Listen, I got a broken bloody nose from Humberto two months ago, it got smashed. I kept going though, man. I still kept going, I finished the match. And, you know, I jumped back in the ring as soon as possible. That's what I'm all about. I'm all about the physicality. I love the physicality. I love it. To me, it's the best part of what I do and get to do out there."

Sheamus spoke about how violent his feud with Drew McIntyre was earlier this year, and believes it could have been a WrestleMania match.

"That was the plan, you know, I was hoping," admits Sheamus. "Obviously different plans from WWE with Bobby and Drew. The whole idea was I got pushed and got that match at FastLane. You know, I wanted it to be at Mania. Just because of the story as well, of us coming together in Ireland and Scotland and wrestling. So, yeah, it was definitely something I wanted to do. It didn't happen. And then I went and became United States Champion. So, it all worked out pretty good for me. It's not working out so well for Drew, though."


You can check out the full interview below: