The Young Bucks Joke About Reports On New NXT Development Direction

Earlier today it was reported that Friday's NXT releases are part of a larger developmental change in the brand. After losing the "Wednesday Night War" to AEW, WWE is apparently returning to the older style of development as they look for bigger and younger talent to work with.

Dave Meltzer reported on exact wording from a memo that was sent out about the changes, "'No more midgets, no one starting in their 30's.' They want people that can be box office attractions and main characters."

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks adjusted their ever-changing Twitter bio to joke about the new NXT reports.

"Very tall. Not in our 30's."

The brothers are billed at 5'10." Matt is currently 36 and Nick is 32. Back in 2019, the brothers spoke about how close they were to signing with WWE before ultimately deciding to go the AEW route.

"We talked to [WWE] endlessly," Matt said. "At one point, I remember me, Nick, and Kenny were in a room because all of our deals were up at the same time. We got off the phone one day and we looked at each other, and we said, 'I think we're all going to WWE.' It was that close. Tony came to us at the right time and he made the right offer. I'm not talking financially, I'm talking, 'Hey, you guys can run this thing and I want you guys to hire your people.' It's like someone saying, 'I want you to make a movie and you can hire all the cameramen, you can hire all the writers, all your friends to be with you.' He gave us the keys to this thing. You can't say no to this.

"One thing that took us out of the race for going to WWE was the amount of dates that they wanted us to do," Nick mentioned. "We have young families. Even with the limited schedule, it was like, 'God, I can't imagine being home [just] for 2 days for my kids.'"