WWE RAW Superstar Drew McIntyre was interviewed by Pro Wrestling Bits this past weekend before SummerSlam.

When asked about CM Punk joining AEW, McIntyre gave the move “a thumbs up” since he believes Punk’s return to pro wrestling helps the business as a whole.

“If anything, it’s good for wrestling,” McIntyre said. “That’s what I’m all about. I was outside the company between 2014 to 2017, working in the independents and with Impact, and just trying to make wrestling a healthier, better place, and it’s healthy right now.

“It’s an incredible place. Obviously, WWE is still at the top and leading the charge, and anything that can make it better, I’m all about. So, yeah, it makes a positive difference. It gets a thumbs up from me.”

It should be noted that McIntyre made these comments a few hours before Punk debuted on last Friday’s AEW Rampage. At the time, Punk joining AEW was obviously still a rumor.

You can listen to McIntyre speaking on Punk at the 24:55 mark: