On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with Pan-Afrikan World Disapora Champion Trish Adora. Adora is competing in the ROH Women’s Title Tournament and discussed working with Maria Kanellis, who is part of ROH management and heading their women’s division.

“Maria is extremely ambitious, which is very nice because to be surrounded by other ambitious people who are willing to hear your ideas, who are willing to bounce things back off you, that are willing to bridge the gap between the independents and TV wrestling, that’s heavy on my shoulders,” Adora expressed. “I’ve kind of taken on that myself, but to be involved with a company that sees that too and that doesn’t scare them. They’re not upset by that. That’s really nice.”

Adora competes in various indies across the United States. She explained more on what she means by “bridging the indies and TV wrestling.”

“What I mean is that I think people see it as two separate things,” Adora noted. “They see independent wrestling as a little bubble, and they see TV wrestling as this huge thing. And I really see them on relatively equal footing. I like to be able to bounce between the two, and I’m hoping that that example can inspire some change within TV wrestling, that, I don’t want to say pipeline, but, for lack of a better word.”

Adora has worked in WWE NXT in the past in a losing effort against Kairi Sane on TV, and she has worked in ROH through a co-promoted show. She discussed what it’s like to work in a TV wrestling environment now as part of the tournament.

“There are some some learning curves and some teaching points that I’ve been getting over the past few months, but the adjustments have been a little bit easier to make because now a lot of the independents, at least the ones that I’ve been featured on, they have streaming services too,” Adora pointed out. “They allow that whole ‘work the camera’, so you’re never really go too far away from having to work the camera. There’s certain timing cues that you have to consider as well. It’s definitely a different playing field, but I’ve jumped in on the run.”

You can follow Trish on Twitter @TrishAdora202

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