Baron Corbin continues to be down on his luck as WWE has storyline fined him $500 for failing to meet the company’s dress code.

“Welcome to another day in my life,” Corbin began.” After hitchhiking to work, I simply tried to go in and be on time and was sent away by a security guard that I’ve known for years.”

Once Corbin made it into the backstage area, he was given his fine for wearing his mustard stained shirt.

“I finally get into the building, and oh look, I’m fined $500 — that I don’t have — for failing dress code,” Corbin said.

As noted, last month, WWE Producer Adam Pearce posted on social media that Corbin asked him for some cash. The WWE SmackDown Superstar also made an appearance on this past Monday’s RAW to face Drew McIntyre. Corbin said he received a call from Jinder Mahal to work the match and as a way to make some money.

During that match, McIntyre actually felt bad for Corbin and asked how much he’d need to get by for a little while. Corbin responded he needed $100,000. McIntyre ended up giving Corbin a claymore kick and picked up the victory.

You can check out Corbin’s day in the video below.