Adam Cole Comments On Kevin Owens Possibly Signing With AEW

AEW star Adam Cole joined Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette to talk about his recent move from WWE NXT to AEW. One factor that played a part was the opportunity for Cole to work alongside his girlfriend, AEW Women's World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker DMD. After working for separate companies for several years, Cole never wants to go back to that again.


"It's the best, the absolute best," Cole said of being in the same company as Baker. "We always found time for each other, we always made sure that we obviously spent as much time together as we can. Every time after a show, she would call me. It normally would be very late, because by the time AEW is done, it's really late. I would call her, same type of thing. But she's been so busy lately and I was pretty busy as well, so there would be many weeks where I would see her for half a day once a week, where stuff was just crazy.

"But now the coolest thing to me is to be backstage and to have her go 'hey, this is a promo I'm going to do', or 'this is a match I'm going to do. Can I run it by you?' And then we talk about it and then she goes out and does it. My favorite part is sitting in the back and watching it with everyone, and when she does really well and everyone is reacting to it backstage and all excited about how well she's doing, and then I get to be right there to give her a big hug or tell her how great she did. You don't realize how important it is to be in the same company with your company until you get the chance to do it. Now, the idea of going back to the other way makes me very sad."


Cole, who also previously worked in Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, was asked about the opportunity of entering the Forbidden Door and working for other companies. He revealed he's open to the idea, especially in regards to New Japan.

"I think that could be really cool," Cole said. "Again, I cut my teeth on the independent scene for ten years before I had my time in NXT and now AEW. Specifically, New Japan is something I'd like to do more of. I had done a fair amount of tours. I don't know if it was ten but it was almost ten, where I got the chance to go and wrestle in Korakeun Hall, the Tokyo Dome, Sumo Hall and all these really cool venues. But I really enjoyed my time there and I felt that right as I was kind of starting to find my footing there or gain momentum, that was when I left.

"So the chance to go back there would be really cool. Again, I think back so fondly of my time in ROH, which was really cool. PWG, I had some of the times of my life there. I got my start in CZW, which is where I met Jon (Moxley). So there's a bunch of really cool things I would like to do. Independent wrestling is a blast."

Following Cole and Bryan Danielson, the next big free agent to hit the market looks to be Kevin Owens, who's contract with WWE expires early next year. Ultimately Cole wants Owens to do what makes him happy, though he can't deny he'd love to see his former Mt. Rushmore stablemate join him in AEW.


"I mean this because I'm friends with Kevin. I want Kevin to do what makes him happiest," Cole said. "I really mean it, I mean it in my soul. However, of course I would love the idea of him joining me, and the Young Bucks, and everyone else here. That would be incredible. However, I do want Kevin to be happy. So there's no part of me that would be angry or upset with whatever his decision is."

Cole joining AEW provides him the opportunity to save several dream matches going forward. He listed the three opponents he's most looking forward to wrestling, including one man he has on his Mt. Rushmore of wrestling, alongside Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle.

"CM Punk is number one," Cole said. "He is on my Mt. Rushmore, my personal Mt. Rushmore of pro wrestling in the sense he's the one who helped me discover what Ring of Honor was. He's the one that made me go, 'I really want to make sure I focus on promos', because he was always a great talker. The fact that that is a possibility now is mind blowing to me.  I'm really excited about the idea of working with Jungle Boy because he's a young talent. It's cool to finally be in a spot, because I still, at heart, feel like the young guy. And I'm still learning all the time, so I'm not saying I have it all figured out. But it's cool to be in a position where there's young, super talented guys that I feel I can help, even just a little bit.


"And he's a guy I think is just so talented. And then believe it or not, and I'm not just saying this, Jon Moxley. We've never wrestled. Never, never. And I've known him literally since I was training. We have never wrestled before. I was there for a little bit, but I was the greenest of the green. I had just started. So, of course they're not going to put Jon in there with a guy like me, on a show where he was headlining those CZW shows. I was lucky if I was on the pre-show. I was brand new. I'm talking the double digits as far as matches go. And right as I was gaining a little bit of experience and a little bit of trust, he was gone. So never had the chance to (wrestle him). The coolest thing about those three dream matches is that they're all possible."

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