In the latest AEW Games 2.Show, new footage of AEW’s upcoming console was released. Aubrey Edwards, The Bunny, Evil Uno, and Jungle Boy were on a panel to show off the new gameplay.

As seen in the video below at the 13:50 mark, Jungle Boy’s in-game look was shown, along with the AEW star taking on Darby Allin in the ring. The footage shows a number of Jungle Boy’s signature moves and taunts as he finished off Allin with the snare trap submission.

While an official release date has not yet been announced, back in February of this year, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega said in a “perfect world” it could be released in quarter one of 2022. He noted they didn’t want to have a bad launch and would take the time needed to put out a game fans would enjoy.

In another interview, Omega said they were looking to bring back the feel of a WWF WrestleFest, WWF No Mercy, WWF WrestleMania 2000, and Virtual Pro Wrestling style wrestling game.

AEW President Tony Khan commented back in June the company had invested $20 million into video games, which is what’s keeping the company, as a whole, from being profitable.

“We put $20 million into Epic Games, which looks pretty smart now because it’s worth a lot more than that now,” Khan said in a June 2021 interview. “So gaming is something we know a lot about, and I happen to work with very closely a gaming expert by the name of Kenny Omega who’s put together some great ideas and is doing a great job, along with [Vice president of business operations] Nick Sobek and a lot of other great people I work with. We’re going to deliver a great game for people next year, and we’re going to make a ton of money. We’ll be very profitable on all things next year. But this year is a profitable wrestling year for us and that’s big and making a big investment in gaming is a good thing. It shows the health and the stability of the company.”