There was an odd ending to the Nikki A.S.H. vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Tamina Snuka match on last night’s episode of WWE RAW.

During the closing stages of the match, Nikki hit a tornado DDT and went for the cover, but Tamina kicked out just as the referee counted to three. However, Tamina’s music played, and the ring announcer declared her the winner.

After the commercial break, the announcers corrected the mistake and acknowledged Nikki as the winner. It was also announced that Nikki was being tended to by medical personnel.

It appears Tamina was supposed to win the bout but an audible was called due to Nikki possibly getting injured.

Fortunately, Nikki was present ringside during the Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya match, which was held immediately after her match with Tamina. This would indicate that Nikki was not injured during her match.

You can see a clip of the botched ending below: