Bryan Danielson Plans To Climb AEW Rankings To Get Kenny Omega Rematch

On this week's AEW Dark: Elevation, a promo aired showing Bryan Danielson reflecting on his AEW debut match against AEW World Champion Kenny Omega during last week's AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam.

Danielson made it clear that in order to get his rematch with Omega, he was prepared to go through a gauntlet of AEW stars to climb the AEW Rankings.

"I get how AEW works, there's a ranking system, and there's a ton of guys here that I'd love to kick their heads in for," Bryan said. "I'm going to go through all of them, and no matter how many guys it takes, my next goal is to go for that AEW Championship."

Danielson also addressed Omega turning down the rematch via Twitter, following their time-limit draw last Wednesday. The full promo can be seen below.

As reported earlier, Danielson vs. Omega II is likely to take place at AEW Full Gear on Nov. 13, with Omega's title on the line.

As of Sept. 24, Orange Cassidy is the No. 1 ranked contender to Omega's championship. Powerhouse Hobbs, Jon Moxley, Christian Cage and Jungle Boy round out the Top 5.