Bryan Danielson Reportedly Kept Notes On What He Learned From Vince McMahon

Bryan Danielson kept a notebook of things he's learned from Vince McMahon, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

Whenever Danielson would pick up a nugget of information from his former boss — he'd write it down. Dave Meltzer noted the newly signed AEW star has "incredible respect" for McMahon.


It was noted that despite having numerous friends (and even family) within WWE, being given limited dates, and the opportunity to work in Japan, Bryan still decided to leave.

Meltzer clarified his earlier report that even though WWE had given Bryan the okay to work the G1 Climax, it's unclear if NJPW would do business with WWE as they have been trading some talent with AEW over the past couple months. The closer connection between AEW and NJPW may have been one of the reasons Danielson decided to switch companies.

It's unlikely we'll see Danielson over in Japan any time soon due to the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing. Even if NJPW wanted him to come over, they can't get new visas for international stars.


Danielson reportedly signed a three-year deal with AEW. He is currently in a program with The Elite, more specifically, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega.