Charlotte Flair On Why She Destroyed Lilly After Alexa Bliss Match At WWE Extreme Rules

RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair brutally ripped and tore apart Lilly after defeating Alexa Bliss at tonight's Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

In a backstage interview after the event, Flair explained her actions.

When asked if she really saw the need to destroy Lilly after her victory, Charlotte said: "You see, that's the problem. You're encouraging Alexa by asking about Lilly. I want to know how Alexa feels after she failed to win the RAW Women's Championship. That's the problem. I don't want to to talk about Lilly."

Charlotte then proceeded to give props to Bliss for the match they had.

"The Alexa I faced tonight was the old Alexa," Charlotte said. "It was the Alexa I saw when she held the RAW Women's Championship multiple times. Tonight, she fought me and faced me. Yes, I'm still the Queen, but that's the Lexi we all want to see. I don't want to hear about Lilly."

In conclusion, Charlotte said that by destroying Lilly, she sent a wakeup call to Bliss.

"Ripping up Lilly was a wakeup call. A wakeup call to remind her that she's still a champion at heart."

#ThankYouLilly has been trending on Twitter since Extreme Rules went off the air.

Charlotte's post-match interview can be seen below.