Cody Rhodes Names Vince McMahon, Tony Khan In His Mt. Rushmore Of Pro Wrestling

AEW EVP Cody Rhodes recently answered a bunch of fan questions in a Bleacher Report AMA session.

When asked to name his Mt. Rushmore of pro wrestling, Rhodes picked WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, AEW President Tony Khan, Dusty Rhodes and The Rock. He didn't go into the specifics about his picks.


AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes, who also joined the AMA session, picked Sherri Martel, Ms. Elizabeth, Mae Young and Madusa in her Mt. Rushmore.

When asked how the name "AEW" came about, Rhodes revealed that several names were kicked around.

"There were other names kicked around," Rhodes revealed. "We considered 'All Elite' and Tony had the foresight and said 'it's a wrestling company, we need initials'... Dynamite is what Tony wanted and he saw it through."

When asked if he expected AEW to be a success less than three years into its inception, Rhodes admitted that he had a realistic outlook from the start.

"I've always had a more realistic outlook on the growth," Rhodes replied. "I have a bit more conservative outlook on how we could grow, how we could move ourselves out of the black. Very quickly early on I realized we created this wonderful company that people want to come to.


"It's a matter of time until free agents come because it's a friendly environment. Free agents want to come. There's no writers. It's a book show, not a written show. Sometimes it's home runs and sometimes it's misses. That's what makes it real. I should've seen it was a matter of time but I've always been conservative. I'm lucky to live in the timeline it did."

Rhodes will return to action against Malakai Black during tonight's Grand Slam edition of AEW Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York.