American Top Team’s Dan Lambert, who has become notorious for his weekly rants on AEW Dynamite, recently had an interview with Cageside Seats. During the discussion, Lambert delivered his unfiltered opinion on WWE’s current product.

“I’d like to hope it’ll be back to the Monday Night Wars where everyone keeps stepping their product up to outdo the competition,” Lambert told Shakiel Mahjouri. “Call me biased because I’m with AEW right now, but I don’t see WWE stepping their game up.

“Bobby Lashley is a real dear friend of mine. I love the guy. I’ve known him for 15+ years and I’m not even at the point where I’m fast-forwarding through Monday Night RAW to get to his shtick. I don’t even hit play. I’m not a big fan of WWE’s product these days. I still think they have some really good talents over there but I just have a hard time watching it.”

Dan continued on, saying despite some things leaving a bad taste in his mouth, AEW is the source of the “wrestling boom” going on. He also emphasized how AEW gives you many different styles of wrestling to appreciate all at once.

“The wrestling boom, in my mind, is what AEW is doing and watching their product and watching their show,” Lambert said. “Even though there are certain things in it that I don’t like. Some of the things I say in my character, I actually believe. But there are so many other things that they have. Talk about having a buffet of different genres of professional wrestling. You go to one show at AEW and see every style you like, and a couple of other styles you don’t like. WWE is more of the same for me.”

Lambert believes that WWE has gotten egotistical because they have diehard viewers that will tune in regardless of the quality of the product.

“I see WWE as being somewhat egotistical in their approach that they are who they are and what they are,” he says. “They don’t have to change anything or do anything differently and people are still going to watch. I think it’s had a little bit of an opposite effect because I think a lot of people support AEW just because they want to stick their finger in the eye of a WWE that’s run roughshod for all of these years.”