Eddie Kingston Talks What CM Punk Brings To The Table For AEW

Eddie Kingston spoke with Kenny McIntosh of Inside the Ropes about CM Punk making the move to AEW.

Kingston believed Punk is one of those rare wrestlers whose name value alone will bring in a lot of fans.

"He's one of the rare guys that has a name, that the name brings people in," Kingston said. "Nowadays it's AEW, that name, or WWE, that name, NWA that name. But when you put CM Punk, you're coming for CM Punk. He's become like an old-school name. I love it that he's here. When I look in his eyes I see old Punk.

"I see someone who is hungry again, maybe not hungry again but hungrier, and happier and mentally I can just see in his eyes he is in a better place than he was when I saw him maybe while he was with WWE at the end. I ran into him and he just didn't seem like himself. Now he seems better than himself, you know what I mean?"

Bringing in plenty of buzz with his arrival, Kingston also felt like Punk's presence will help the locker room environment, especially for those who could learn something from the veteran.

"That's good for the locker room because a lot of people can learn from him," Kingston stated. "That's good for AEW because a lot of people are going to come in and tune in now because now they are going to see everybody and not just him. So everything together, Punk bringing in people, people coming in to see Punk, it's good for the company.

"Also, it's fun, why do something when it's not fun? This is fun and I'm living a dream, this is something that I've wanted to do since I was a little kid. So having him here and helping out with that dream, selfishly it's amazing."

Kingston is set to face AEW TNT Champion Miro at tonight's AEW All Out. Punk will make his in-ring debut against Darby Allin at the PPV.