Former WWE Superstar Reveals They Recently Contacted Vince McMahon About Return

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with former WWE Superstar Ariane Andrew. Andrew last stepped into a ring last summer for AEW teaming with Nyla Rose in the women's tag team tournament. With her many film and movie projects at the moment Hausman asked her if pro wrestling is a focus for her at the moment.


"I am very torn if I want to say this, but I actually reached out recently and was like, 'I would love to come back,' and, will I be back? That's to be determined, but I actually reached out to Vince [McMahon] himself and was like, you know what, I'm going to go to the person who's at the top," Andrew revealed. "I miss being in that world of wrestling. I saw Naomi three months ago, and I was like, you know what, if I have nothing, if I never got the championship, I feel like having the tag team titles would be awesome.

"I feel like I would feel fulfilled. I feel like I would get that feeling of feeling accomplished because The Funkadactyls were awesome, but I still feel there's this void that I'm missing, and I feel like if I was able to go back and, not only that, we'd be making history. We would be the first black women ever — I hate to throw that term around when it comes to race, but we'd be the first black women ever to have the belts."


Hausman pressed Andrew about how Vince responded to her reaching out.

"He actually responded, which is crazy," Andrew said. "I know he's a busy person. He was like, 'I'll pass this along to John Laurinaitis,' who's head of talent relations."

Andrew was set to make an in-ring return earlier in 2020 at Effy's Big Gay Brunch, but the event was canceled due to the pandemic. Currently, she has a new single out, Bubblegum, where she collaborated on with international pop star Mougleta.

"The more that you collaborate, that's how success comes," Andrew noted. "It's kind of hard to do things by yourself. My co-host, Matt Dillon, had heard this amazing song on a show, and he was like, 'Who is this girl who's singing?' He ended up finding out who it was. It was Mougleta, and then he reached out. He was obsessed, and he's like, 'Come on Sippin' The Tea.' And from there, we had such a good vibe. There's certain people you do interviews with, and it just feels like family.

"It's conversational, and at that time, I think I had already had my second song out. I was like, 'Girl, we should do a song together,' and you know how people will usually be like, 'Yeah, yeah,' but she actually ended up sending me the demo, sent me the part of where it would do my verse, and we made it happen, which is crazy because usually people will say they will do things, but they're f*cking liars."


Ariane Andrew presents the 150th episode of Sippin' The Tea this week with special guests The Bella Twins. Click HERE to subscribe to her YouTube channel and HERE to hear her new single Bubblegum with international pop star Mougleta!

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