Karl Anderson Trends Over Response To WWE Counseling Reminder

Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champion Karl Anderson is trending worldwide tonight after getting it into with several fans on Twitter over his response to WWE reminding their roster about mental health counseling after the tragic passing of former WCW/TNA star Daffney.


As noted, Daffney passed away on Wednesday night after posting an Instagram Live video where she was suicidal. WWE issued a text message to the roster today to remind them that they have access to company-paid mental health counseling if they need it.

In an update, Anderson responded to a tweet on WWE reminding talent about the counseling, and took a shot at his former employer.

"They suck bro," Anderson wrote.

He added in a follow-up tweet, "Not deleted DONT care. They suck. See ya"

Anderson deleted the original tweet but he has doubled down in responding to screenshots of the deleted tweet.

Anderson has also lashed out at several fans on Twitter who called him out for the WWE jab, calling them "marks" and blaming them for why he doesn't take photos with fans in public. He also challenged multiple fans to see him in public.


"[tears of joy emoji] you marks are too easy When you post up at a fucking hotel begging for a pic or an autograph , lemme kno .... [tears of joy emoji] [kiss emoji] Night," he wrote in one tweet.

One fan told Anderson to admit what he said was wrong, stop arguing with fans and calling them marks, and admit he messed up. He responded, "[tears of joy emoji] y'all are too much. You're lucky I even write back on here. Lemme say something to you loud and clear ..... F U C K Y O U All [heart emoji]"

Anderson also took a shot at the WWE NXT brand over the so-called Wednesday Night War with AEW Dynamite.

"What happened to The Wednesday wars [tears of joy emoji] Fuck they gave up quick," he wrote.

Anderson at one point posted the phone number to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255) and said he loves everyone. One fan responded to that tweet and thanked him, noting that he is going through a hard time personally. Other fans responded to the fan with words of encouragement, and Anderson also responded with support for the man.

"Hey bud. Please take some deep breaths and chill out man. I'm here for you. We have you back. Deep breath. Let's take it easy ok.... Dm me," Anderson wrote.


Finally, Anderson commented on how it appeared to be "a slow wrestling news night" and used the laughing emoji, an apparent reference to coverage of his original response to the WWE text to their roster. One fan responded and said he was contacting Anthem's Board of Directors.

"Mr Allegra – I hope you're prepared to justify yourself to Anthem because every single board member is getting an email. Shame on you," the fan wrote.

Anderson responded with the "tears of joy" emoji.

Anderson and partner Doc Gallows signed with WWE in April 2016 and were released on April 15, 2020 along with other COVID-19 budget cuts. Anderson and Gallows both were reportedly unhappy with their WWE runs at times, and this isn't the first time Anderson has spoken ill about WWE since leaving the company. Anderson and Gallows signed two-year contracts with Impact in July 2020, and have been working with AEW as a part of the working relationship between Impact and AEW. They are also working with NJPW this summer.

You can see Anderson's related tweets below, along with the back & forths he has had with fans tonight: