Marty Scurll Making His Return To Pro Wrestling

Marty Scurll is scheduled to make his return to pro wrestling for CWA in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday, October 23 at Halloween Fan Fest.

The promotion put out a teaser video for his appearance and he also hyped it on his Instagram.


Scurll has been away from wrestling after being named in last year's #SpeakingOut movement. Prior to that, Scurll had re-signed with Ring of Honor and was set to take on the duties of head booker for the company. He went on a hiatus after being named in the movement and ROH officially announced the two had parted ways back in January of this year.

Back in late January, he was involved with a storyline at a NJPW Strong taping, but it never aired, reportedly due to the backlash from fans. It was then reported Scurll wouldn't be appearing at any future NJPW or NJPW Strong shows in the near future.

Scurll hasn't wrestled a match since March of 2020.

Lauren Mayhew contributed to this article.