On tonight’s AEW Dynamite, MJF threatened to quit AEW if Tony Khan doesn’t start giving him the opportunities he deserves.

MJF also name dropped WWE Senior VP Bruce Prichard, whom he knows from their days together in MLW.

“I am the past, present and future of AEW, and that’s why I deserve to be the AEW World Champion,” MJF said. “Tony Khan, we’re friends and I love you buddy. In fact, out of all the Khans in pro wrestling, you’re easily in my top 2. However, if you don’t start giving me opportunities I deserve, I have other friends from back in the day. I have an old friend from my MLW days, and his name is Bruce Prichard. And I got Brucie on speed dial.”

Earlier in the promo, MJF spoke out him being one of the four original pillars that AEW was built around dating back to 2019.

“We’re on the precipice of something truly spectacular,” MJF said. “This company keeps building more and more momentum, and whether I care to admit it or not, there are a handful of young men who’ve been here from the beginning that will keep pushing this company forward for the next couple of decades.

“Four men to be exact – four pillars – Jungle Boy; beat him. Sammy Guevara; beat him. Darby Allin; whatever, and then you got the strongest pillar, the pillar who had the first match at All In, the pillar who participated in the first-ever match for this company, the youngest athlete to main event an AEW PPV – the pillar who is better than you and you know it.”

Allin then interrupted MJF and reminded him that he was the first out of the four pillars to win championship gold in AEW. The two men then teased a future match as the segment came to a close.

As noted earlier, Guevera became the second of the four AEW pillars to win a championship on Dynamite, defeating Miro for the TNT Championship.