Mojo Rawley On AEW's Free Agent Signings: "They're Dominating"

Since departing WWE earlier this year, Mojo Rawley has been busy.

Now going by Mojo Muhtadi, the former Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner has starred in this summer's Snake Eyes and has recently partnered with Pepsi ahead of the NFL season kicking off this weekend.


Speaking in an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc.'s Liam Crowley, Mojo detailed what his tailgate plate looks like.

"Of course I like to have a little bit of everything. I'm a big guy, I stack the plate high, but my go-to are dry-rub chicken wings," Mojo said. "I can't have the mess of the ones with the sauce. I like to keep it tight because I get crazy at a tailgate, man. I'm out there, I'm hyped up, I do wild things. I got to have clean fingers with it."

While Mojo is enjoying projects outside of the squared circle, the hype man says he's getting back in the ring at some point. Mojo noted he has been keeping up with All Elite Wrestling's product, and emphasized that success has been valuable to the wrestling industry.


"I love what they're doing over there. I think it's amazing for the industry in general. You need competition to make you better. You need a competitor stepping up like AEW so the guys over at WWE kind of feel the fire up under them and they escalate their game," Mojo said. "Now, probably my favorite thing about it is now you got another viable business out there for guys to go to. Of course you have New Japan and Impact and Ring of Honor and all, but [AEW] is another big player in the game for people to go to, for people to aspire to go to. And they're doing things differently."

AEW's recent free agent signings in CM Punk, Adam Cole, Ruby Soho, and Bryan Danielson have generated much mainstream attention for the young company. While bringing in established stars has done wonders for AEW, Mojo says a big part of their success has been their balanced locker room.

"The talent they're getting over there have been awesome. I think they have a great combination of creating their own stars. They got some guys over there that are wildly entertaining to watch," Mojo said. "They're capturing the top free agents in the game and bringing them all together. It's going well for them. I'm just thrilled to see how they're doing. They're killing it. They're dominating. It's good for everybody."


This Sunday, Mojo will be showing his love for the Washington Football Team by featuring his favorite game day eats and gear to get pumped up for the kick-off game. You can follow Mojo on Twitter @MojoMuhtadi.

The full audio and video from Mojo's interview will be released Tuesday on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast and You can find the latest episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily below.

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