Omos Recalls Ripping His Pants In Front Of The Undertaker

Former one-time Raw Tag Team Champion Omos recently sat down for an episode of Rasslin' With Brandon F. Walker. During the interview Omos recalled what it was like coming to America for the first time when he was 15-years-old. He also revealed the first purchase he made when he got to the airport.


"[The first thing I bought] was a Microsoft Zune," shares Omos. "So, what had happened was I took a flight from Lago, Nigeria, to Atlanta. I was supposed to catch another flight from Atlanta to Maryland. So, I miss my flight because it's my first day in an airport and I got lost. A deer in the headlights. And I have a couple of hours in the airport before I have to go to the hotel. I'm like 'You know what? I'm going to do some shopping. I mean, I'm here.'

"One thing I've always wanted, when I was in Nigeria one of my cousins had an iPod and I was so enamored with it. 'Yo, look at this iPod video, you can watch videos here and music.' I had always wanted one. So I went to the place that sells electronics and I said 'Do you guys have an iPod? I need one!' And they said 'Uh, sold out.' So, this was January 8th, 2008. 'Okay, what's the next best thing?' They said, 'We have this, this is a Zune. It does the same thing.' I'm like 'I'll take it.' [Laughs]."


He went on to say that he got a good lifespan from it, and that it lasted him 2-3 years.

Omos later touched on his time at the WWE Performance Center. He then recalled an embarrassing moment where he ripped his pants in front of everyone. Then later that night, he met some legendary WWE Hall of Famers.

"Yes, that did happen," admitted Omos. "So, at the [Performance Center] we have events that we call 'PC Lives'. And the day before the PC Live, this was I think, right before the Mania in New York. Everyone came down and came to town. It was just like 'You know what? We're doing that tomorrow, if you have any dress up attire, bring it.' As you can tell, I like my pants skinny, and I had skinny dress pants. I put them on, and [they said] something about rehearsals. You're going to hop over the top rope. I did it one time, and I'm fine. I did it one time and they said 'You have to do it again.' I said 'Brother, my pants are going to rip.' And they said 'Oh no, no.' I did it again and I got comfortable. And the fourth time I tried to go, it rips, literally.

"I'm just like, 'What am I going to do?' I can't go home; I don't have another pair of pants. Let's go on with the show. So, the whole time I'm doing the show I'm standing at ringside and my whole backside is just exposed. They have Undertaker, Batista, Hunter. Everybody's there. And my butt is just hanging out."


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