Paul Heyman has taken full credit for new WWE signee Gable Steveson winning the Gold Medal in Freestyle Wrestling at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

“I am personally responsible for all of Gable Steveson’s right business decisions in his life and his gold medal and his Hodge trophy and his NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight championship,” an in-character Heyman told @adamglyn, via TMZ.

Heyman also revealed he introduced Steveson to fellow University of Minnesota Alumni Brock Lesnar, and claims Steveson wouldn’t have achieved success in amateur wrestling had he not trained with the Beast Incarnate.

“I had everything with Gable Steveson winning the Olympic gold medal,” Heyman reiterated. “I arranged for Gable Steveson to train with Brock Lesnar at the University of Minnesota, which helped Gable Steveson win the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight championship. Then he used my strategy to win the gold medal in the Olympics.”

Heyman then advised Steveson to remain a Paul Heyman Guy if he hopes to achieve success in WWE.

“Now, we’ll see how he does in WWE,” Heyman said. “He’s not at quite the level of a Ronda Rousey or a Brock Lesnar, certainly not of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

“So far, Gable Steveson understands to listen to the wise man and he’s doing alright with that counsel.”

Heyman’s quotes could be seen as a way for WWE to set up a future program for Steveson with Reigns or Lesnar.

As noted, Steveson recently told Ariel Helwani that he expects to bypass NXT and go straight to the main roster.

“There is, I think, there is a very big chance I might go straight to the main roster and not go to NXT,” Steveson said. “I was open to anything, but with the way things are going, I think I’m going to jump straight to the main roster. And I know there’s a lot to learn and I’m ready to soak everything in like a sponge and just be ready to go out and put a good show on for the crowd.”

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