Ruby Soho Says AEW Is Playing A “Critical Part” In The Women’s Revolution

During the Casino Battle Royale at All Out, Ruby Soho, f.k.a. Ruby Riott, was revealed as "The Joker" in the match. Soho last eliminated Thunder Rosa to win the match and earn a future title shot for the AEW Women's World Championship against Britt Baker. Soho reflected on the moment during the post-show media scrum.

"Tonight was definitely about the feat that I had before me, which was quite a few incredibly talented women that I have studied for a very long time and been a fan of myself for a very long time," Soho said. "I knew I was up against a lot to get to this opportunity. Having been through this very, very, very long, almost 11 year journey to get here, to get to this moment, to get to the legitimate pinnacle of my entire wrestling career, which is tonight, and gain the opportunity at the AEW Women's Championship, is the most special and significant thing in the world to me. And I don't plan on wasting any time because it's been 11 years. I'm gonna hit the ground running, and I'm coming for Britt Baker whether she likes it or not."

The fans in attendance were expecting Soho to debut chanting her name before her music played. Soho discussed what that reception meant to her.

"Honestly, I have never experienced anything like that before," Soho admitted. "To have people have that anticipation for me to come out, and for people to want that, and for people to get it and get excited is something that I think all of us in the wrestling industry thrive for. That moment of just being accepted, and wanted, and welcomed to this new, incredible company that you work for. That's always a scare.

"You're working in a new place. 'Am I going to be accepted? Am I going to fit in with it?' It just felt like home, immediately, from the moment I walked out there, and it was incredible. And the videos that were put out, I was so happy with the reception of them because people understood the story. And it seemed like people felt the actual journey I went on, and the struggle that I went through, and now, this almost rebirth that I'm at now. It was awesome.

Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman was part of the media scrum. He asked Soho what part AEW plays in the "Women's Revolution".

"I think AEW is a critical part of that," Soho stated. "I think the level of importance that is put on the women's division here, it's so apparent. You see different women each week. It's not the same people. You see different women from different backgrounds all thriving, and succeeding, and intertwining with each other, and you can go on these journeys with these women. And these women have a voice, and I think this place is a crucial part in the evolution that is women's wrestling. And I think I'm very, very fortunate to be a part of it."

Soho spoke on the new environment she now enters. She talked about the reception she received from the locker room and discussed which talents she hopes have a match with.

"Honestly, I really wish I could find the words to express the level of welcoming I felt when I walked through these today, and I told Tony [Khan] this earlier. There's something very special about this place, and I had heard a lot of things," Soho noted. "I know a lot of people here. I've worked with a lot of people here that I worked with on the indies, and they all told me the same thing and I tried so hard not to get too excited. 'It sounds too good to be true. It can be that great right?' It honestly is.

"I walked through those doors, and I've never felt more welcome in my life. I had so many people hugging me. 'We're so happy you're here.' What a beautiful feeling to be excited when you come to work and feel like you're welcome, and I was elated. It was just such a beautiful thing, and to speak to Tony, I was almost searching for like, 'Oh, what are you looking for? What do you want?' And he's just like, 'I just want you to be you.' I don't think I've ever had that in a long time, and it felt incredible to just be like, wow, this freedom, this creative freedom where the possibilities are endless.

"I am a fan of so many of the girls on this roster. Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, Tay Conti, I can't even pick one because for different reasons, I'm a fan of all of them, and I'm so excited to get in the ring with all of them because I think they're going to bring out a different version of me, and a different side of me, a different fight in me that no one in the industry has seen yet."

Soho later reflected on leaving WWE. She revealed what her mindset was when she left.

"If you've seen the videos, you can kind of see my actual journey. It's a lot of metaphors and stuff, but of course, I was sad," Soho said. "I had made lifelong friendships there, women that I will be friends with for the rest of my life, but it became very, very clear, shortly after, I was sad, but that chapter in my life was closed. And I was okay with that. I think I was nervous as to what the next step was. I knew where I wanted to be from the moment that it happened.

"I knew where I wanted to be, and it was here. This is where I wanted to be. I didn't know if that was an opportunity for me, that I was going to be able to have. I didn't know. There's people released. There's a lot of incredible talent here. I'm hoping there's a place for you here, and thanks to the gentleman sitting next to me, there's a place for me here, and I don't intend on wasting that opportunity."

You can view the full post-show All Out media scrums below.

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