After tonight’s AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam finished up, The Acclaimed came out to the stage to call out AEW President Tony Khan in a segment for the live crowd.

The duo apparently wanted to rap battle Khan, but he decided to bring out rapper Lil Uzi Vert for some assistance. Vert was in the crowd tonight at Arthur Ashe Stadium to watch the show. Vert ended up just coming out on stage and Khan had a couple short verses for The Acclaimed.

At one point Khan joked, “To all the clickbait sites out there, I’m not actually suspending The Acclaimed again.”

This is in reference to Caster’s rap last month that got pulled from Dark that included some very unsavory lyrics. Reports had come out afterwards that he was going to be suspended for two months, which obviously isn’t the case.

Khan then introduced the Varsity Blonds and they had a short brawl with Bowens and Caster.

You can check out tonight’s results here. We will have Friday’s Rampage spoilers up in a little bit.